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Pure Love Cattery is the leading name in preserving and maintaining the best, original features in blue kittens. We keep an enclosed selection of blue felines which helps us maintain purity and originality in kittens. We have been committed to bring lovely and playful felines into our customer’s lives. If you desire to upgrade your life and become a perfect pet parent, then we invite you welcome the blue feline. You will be surprised to find the level of joy and happiness the cat will bring into your home. We assure you that our kittens are bred naturally. For us, the cats are not just pets; instead, they are an essential part of our family. 

Personality and distinct features of blue cats

With their origins unknown, the blue cats are a gift to humans who love to have pets. The cats are entirely of gentle and adorable nature. Generally, the outward look of the cat is deceiving: the cats have highly dense coat that gives feeling of the cat being larger than she actually is. The cat does not produce or cause allergy, therefore, it is perfect for those who are with allergies. Its head is shaped in a triangular way. The cat has a slender, thin body; however, being thin does not mean fragile nature. Instead, the cat has a muscular buildup and is comparatively stronger. It is generally said of the Russian blue that felines that the cats are ‘smiling’ in nature. The cats coat is dense, silvery, making its coat, therefore, among the most distinguished features. Another remarkable feature is its eyes which are pleasantly greenish. 

In terms of loyal nature, Russian blue cats are second to none. The cats have a distinct feature of attaching itself to her pet parent. The cat is uniquely of loving nature and like to be closer to her owner. If you own the feline then you might be aware of the expressions that Russian blues make when they spot you arriving at the home. The blues make instant move to welcome her owner. 

A mere look of her owner delights her. In fact, the cat feels more comfortable and happy when it has the comfort that her pet parent is around her. Also, the blue cats have the habits of chasing their pet parents and follow them wherever they go. Undoubtedly, the level of affection the cat may have to her owner may be special and exemplary but the soft little blue has the habit to attach herself with other members of the family too. Especially, with children at home, the cat likes to play with them and get closer. 

It’s a legend

Make no mistake: the blue felines are demanding too. As they show a great deal of affection to their pet parents, the cats are known for asking the love to be reciprocated. So, it is always a mutual happy relationship. Another distinct feature is that the cats are highly eloquent at establishing their writ in a house. 

So, if you want to own a Russian blue cat you should know that you cannot train the cat the way you desire. Instead, the Russian blue likes to train her owner. So, it is what the Russian blue is – a legend. The cats, though, love to be among humans, yet it craves for a quiet, silent corner too. Especially, for sleeping the blue cat desires to make station in a forsaken corner at the home. However, it should be remembered that the cats like to have social circles and love to socialize. 

So, if you are out for a work, the cat may adjust your time schedule. In case, you remain out the whole day and fail to find the playtime for the cat, then the blue cat surely minds it. The blue cats needs a considerable time to play and make fun. 

Curious and intelligent

In the level of its intelligence, the blue cats are remarkable. The silver-colored mousers are very curious and spying in nature. In order to enhance their intelligence and curiosity, mechanical stimulation are necessary. If you know cats and their playful nature, then you might be aware of the reality that nothing is more beneficial in stimulating curiosity in cats than toys. So, if you buying a blue cat, make sure that you are buying toys too for them. Your blue feline should have unending accessibility to toys at the home. 

Prefer especially the toys that could assist in maturing their hunting nature too. As the cat has strong instinct for hunting, therefore, it likes to play with toys, like fishing pole, that instigates hunting curiosity in them. However, try to ascertain the precaution that toys with feathers remain proof from them as she will tear the toy apart and try to eat feather, which is not good.

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