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Pure Love Cattery is one of the top cat breeder companies that breed British Short hair cats in exclusive golden blue, silver, and golden chinchilla colors. So if you are looking for a forever friend and looking for a reliable breeder, then contact us. We will help you in finding a new kitten to grace your home and improve your life. We have a closed cattery, which means that we never breed our cats with unfamiliar cats. Our specialists can also guide you in choosing a cat breed that will suit your lifestyle, and we are happy to provide detail information as well.

You need to get a kitten that is right for you, and it is easy to find if you get the specialist assistance and follow the guidelines properly. You need to be careful in selecting a breed because it will be your companion for the next 18 years.

From where should I buy my new kitten?

It is always best that you buy your new pedigree kitten directly from the breeder. Although, it is possible by searching on the internet, through the newspaper, or by attending various cat shows and meet the breeders. Generally, we don’t recommend people to get it from the pet stores. The reason for this is that you don’t get to meet the breeder personally, and there is a lot of human interaction. You have no idea where the cat is from and for how long it has been there.

Kittens generally mature between 4 months, and most breeders keep them for that period of time, and they get more socialized. Kittens are slower than dogs when it comes to socializing, so that's why they need more time to spend it with their mother and litter mates and get the required shots. There are some breeds that get mature faster than others, but the minimum time period if between 3-4 months.

Check Health

Before buying a kitten, it is essential that you check its health. Examine the areas on the fur coat or at the back near the tail for fleas. Ensure that they have clean eyes, clean ears, and they are not sick. If you observe that the cat has a runny nose or eyes, sores on their skin, coughing, or sneezing, don’t take them home because then you have to bear the costly vet bills. If they face any health issues in the future, you need to take them immediately to your veterinarian for a thorough examination. You kittens should already have gotten the necessary vaccinations, but your vet can also decide if they need more. The vet will also check for any external or internal parasites. 

This also raises the question of that do pure-bred cats face more health issues than mixed-breed cats?

It is not necessary because the breeders will have the complete knowledge of the health problems of the specific breed in their line, and they breed after getting the proper information to avoid that. The DNA testing is carried out of the parents and the kittens by the breeders. If you get the cat from a shelter, it is likely that they get the respiratory illness from all other cats there. However, if you look at the genetic end of it, their gene pool is much larger, and they are known as random-bred cats.

Check History

Make a full effort and try to find as much about the kitten as possible. Also, you need to buy from a breeder that has a good reputation. You can ask several individuals that have cats and ask for the references of breeders, or you can speak with the veterinarian. If time allows, you can also visit the breeders home. You need to ensure that the kittens are raised in a clean, healthy environment and have plenty of space to play. Keep in mind that the cats in the cattery tend to spray; this will result in a slight odor in the place that is not usual.

So, if you find that the cattery has a foul odor, it is better that you politely end your conversation with them and leave. Inquire if they have any illness or genetic disorders that are common to the breed you are considering buying. Also, ask about the life-span of the kitten ancestors and get the health record of the vaccinations that have already been given. Usually, the breeders make the kittens available at the age of twelve or sixteen. Till twelve weeks, the kittens have gotten the necessary vaccinations. They have developed the physical and social stableness as well. This will save you the cost and stress of doing it later. 

Once you take the kitten to your home, all you have to do is provide necessary, proper nutrition, grooming, love, and care. Cats have their personality just like individuals, and every breed displays specific attributes as a whole. However, not every kitten breed will have the same emotionality. 

Pricing Factor

The pricing of the pedigree cats mostly relies on the type, relevant marking, and bloodlines. You need to keep the kittens indoors, nurturing, spraying, and providing them acceptable surfaces like scratch posts for them to conduct their natural behavior of scratching as declawing or tendonectomy surgery are necessary elements for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life. 

Our cats are a part of our family, and they grow with our children. We feed our cats, only human-grade food. When we place our kittens into their forever homes, we want to do it with the pride of knowing that our babies do not have any medical or behavioral issues.

We also offer delivery to central and South America! We do shipping for up to 2 kittens traveling in the same crate to Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and at the flat rate. If you have any questions, then call or email us with a request for rates for all other countries. We the experienced cat breeder, so you are assured of getting the best, healthy, and playful breed at a competitive price.