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White kittens

 Are you looking for finding white kittens that suit to your lifestyle, habits, and work routine? We invite you at the Pure Love Cattery to explore from our selection the best white feline for you. So, nurtured and cared are our white kittens that they are almost like little white-colored balls of fun and entertainment. While breeding and nurturing, we essentially try to raise kittens in a way that their features remain pure and original. Here, we assure you that you will find the perfect diversity of the white felines. Certainly, the pure white breed is rare, however, when you will look at our white kittens, you will find them rarest among the rare. The kittens are part of our family; we raise them the way we raise our own children with love, care, and affection. 

Welcome to the world of white felines

Among the category of white felines, there are a range of breeds; for example, from the Sphynx to the British Short hair and the Turkish Van. Majority of the cat breeds around the world are non-white making up to 95% of total cats. Resultant, the remaining 5% of the cats’ breeds are white colored. So, being in a very percentage in the world, the cats are rare. The colorlessness in cats does not necessarily mean that a cat is white. Actually, as you may be aware, it is the melanin pigment that gives color to cats’ coats and their eyes. The white breed of felines lacks melanin pigments; therefore, the result is a pure white color feline. 

It may come to your surprise that white cats are not just distinguishable because of their white color only; in fact, the cats are uniquely friendly and playful in their nature too. So, if you come to buy a white cat because of its white color, your amazement will multiply when you observe its loving and cute behavior. The white felines are amazing because they have wonderful personalities and soft, loving habits. 

Selecting the desired kitten

Among white felines, there are a range of categories from long-haired and short-haired cats, to white fluffy cats. So, it is better and advisable to check out and evaluate your preferences and liking first. After you make an assessment over what kind of white cat you need, then you should select the right white-colored mouser for you. 

Among the most preferred white-colored felines, one type is of American curl feline. The white American curl are distinguishable because of their characteristic feature of curl ears. The felines are highly playful and noise making. So, these are suited for families and persons who prefer fuss and noise and want to be occupied by cats. In a family, the American curl can be a wonderful gift because these cats like to become part of one. Also, the cat knows how to make friendship and get closer to children. The best as they are, the white mousers do not wait for humans to initiate intimacy; instead, the cat start playing and jumping around on their own. The cat does not need an approval from you to jump into your lap or climb upon your shoulder or play roundly with your face. Certainly, the cat love in return as a reassurance that you love her too. For that matter a kind and generous nuzzle is a good starter.

Short hair cat, what it is generally called ‘happy medium’ is another wonderful breed of white colored feline. The cat, much like its fellow white-colored cats, is highly adorable and love to mix itself into a family. However, the cat has a secret and quiet temper and does not make much noise. British short hair and American short hair resemble in their behavior and nature. A bit of difference in their nature is that the British white cat prefers more socialization than its American counterpart. 

Adventurous selection is here!

The white Maine coon is a giant cat with massive and bulky buildup. The Maine coon is always ready to go out for hunting or adventure. The Maine coon felines love to play in the outside environment, in a garden or a lawn. The cat is known for establishing its own territory and worth wherever it sets its foot. The Rex category of the white-colored felines is generally more agile, fast, and noisy. The cat needs a bit of more care and love. As for the Japanese Bobtail, the cat loves to jump and chirp. As the feline sits around and speaks, you will feel as if it’s singing. So, the bobtail is a complete wonder in itself. Among the other most popular white-colored cats are popular felines like, Sphynx, Oriental, Norwegian Forest Cat, Scottish Fold, Turkish Angora, Persian, Turkish Van, Siberian.

Explore your preferred white kittens at the Pure Love Cattery!

Our white kittens are completely manageable, caring, and docile. We maintain a pure breed of white kittens. As the white cats are known, our kittens are playful and loves socialization. 

So much so is the beauty and grace of our white kittens that you will love to full your camera roll with their photos. Our cats possess immense tendency for curiosity and inquisitiveness and will surprise you by their unique joyful nature. 

We assure you that our cat will be a great companion to accompany you in your happiness as well as a great refuge to lower your stress in the hour of difficulty. So, in a matter of time you will fell an upgrade in your life. 

Certainly, love affair with the cat is mutual; as you prefer the cat over fellow humans, so will do the cat too. The cat will prefer you over her fellow cats. Our cats are known for establishing pure and lasting bonds with their pet parents. So, you will feel a level of delight and joy on each passing moment and day.

As Sigmund Freud once put, “Time spent with cats is never wasted,”, so too we claim that money spent on our cats is never wasted. Therefore, book your order now. Of all, this act will be among the most transformation moments of your life.